This is a basic video course covering the full product cycle from an idea to launch and marketing. Join this course if you're interested in getting the initial understanding of delivering your own digital product or a technical startup. The video course includes links and references to additional materials and information, tools and articles.

Video Preview

Video course will last for 9 weeks - one topic every week. This will ensure enough time to try out and test what you learned in real life. Participants are welcome to discuss and ask more information in the comments of the videos.



Free video course will cover the following topics:

  • Creativity tools

  • Strategy

  • Monetization

  • Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Design

  • Analytics & Optimization

  • Marketing & PR


Questions to be answered during the course

How to find ideas for your digital product?

What's your go to market strategy?

Where is the money coming from?

How to create the basic architecture?

How to manage your development?

How to manage the design?

How to improve your product?

How to get the word out?